The plants offered

The Haworthia & Gasteria plants that are supplied are usually mature or near mature plants unless indicated otherwise. In the case of the Stapeliads, rooted cuttings are usually offered with two to three stems or more depending on species. In some, like Hoodia or the creeping species a single stemmed cutting will be offered. In other genera like Cotyledon & Kalanchoe rooted or un-rooted cuttings will be supplied depending on availability.

Locality data of plants

We aim to conserve the natural succulent flora and their natural environment by making succulent plants available to the public, therefore decreasing the pressure on wild populations. In most cases where available, locality data and collection numbers for plants are given. The full names of collectors can be found under the abbreviations section in the information area.


Using several methods of propagation the nursery produces the succulent plants available from Gariep Plants and, these include tissue culture, sowing of seed, growing from cuttings and other propagules by using our mother stock and obtaining material from other respectable parties.

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