Wood Fossil
Petrified Wood
Madagascar (FWS027)


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Madagascan Fossil Wood

Origin: Mahajanga area, North-western Madagascar

Specimen Size: 89 mm x 55 mm

Period: Triassic period, ca. 220 million years ago.

This fossil wood piece was formed in a slow process known as petrification, derived from the Greek word “petro”, meaning rock or stone. A process in which the organic remains of vegetation or wood, in anaerobic conditions, are replaced with minerals and turned into stone. These trees that used to grow in the Jungles of “Madagascar” were related to the modern day Podocarpus species (Yellowwood Trees) we know.

The fossil wood we offer are of selected pieces and hand polished in Madagascar. Madagascan fossil wood is found in an array of colours and these make the perfect collectable pieces.

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