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Orbea dummeri


Rare green flowering species

Lovely mottled stems

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Orbea dummeri


This unique green flowering species, has starry flowers with fine white hair (papillae).

Formerly known as Angolluma dummeri.

Plant size: Strong cuttings or rooted plants, consisting of a few stems are offered.


About Stapeliads

The Stapeliads form part of the Apocynaceae family, formerly known as the Asclepiadaceae family.

There are about 330 species distributed throughout the old-world countries. Stapeliads are easy to grow and make good collector’s items.

They are often called the ‘orchids of the succulent world’ and there is an immense diversity in flowers, color, size and shape. The flowers are usually accompanied by a fetid or evil smell (hence the common name ‘Carrion flowers’), although some have a sweet honey smell.


Caring for your Stapeliads

Pot: Stapeliads are best grown in containers or some of the species will grow out in the rock-garden. Growing them outside will be trial and error for some species depending on your conditions, but some species flourish in the rockery.

Soil: The plants prefer a well drained sandy soil.

Light: The brighter the light the more colourful your plant will be. The plants do prefer lightly shaded positions but the brighter light will bring out the stem colourations.

Water: The plants are drought hardy, but prefers weekly watering or every second week. This watering greatly reduced in the colder winter months.

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