The foul beauty of Stapeliads (Courtesy Phillipine Star)

Orchids, together with roses, are acclaimed worldwide as the most beautiful of all flowers — though I’ve always been partial to succulent blooms myself (surprise, surprise!). For me, the most beautiful, intriguing, maybe even the weirdest flowers in this sphere are the flowers produced by a succulent group called the Stapeliads. is the website […]

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Stapeliads (Apocynaceae / Asclepiadaceae) Display

The Stapeliads form part of the Apocynaceae family (Endress & Bruyns, 2000) they were formerly part of the Asclepiadaceae family. There are about 330 species distributed throughout the old world countries. Most Stapeliads are easy to grow and make good collectors items. They are often called the “orchids of the succulent world”, there is an […]

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