Senecio peregrinus
String of Dolphins


Little jumping dolphins

Unique dolphin-like leaves

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Senecio peregrinus - String of Dolphins

South Africa

Known as String of Dolphins or as Dolphin Plant is a fascinating plant with leaves that looks like dolphins jumping from the ocean. Although more succulent the plant has the same string-like habit as Senecio radicans and S. rowleyanus.

Well suited to hanging baskets from which it droops down gracefully from a hanging basket.

Plant Size: Well established plants in 12 cm pots are offered.


About Senecio

Senecio (in the broad sense) is a very large genus in the daisy family (Asteraceae). Composite flowers with ray florets is normally what distinguishes species belonging to the family. However, some like Kleinia lack the ray florets.

The family has many succulent members, formerly mainly included in Senecio and Othonna, but has been separated in several genera.

The succulent members are well represented in Southern Africa with several genera and species from the Western Cape throughout South Africa and neighboring countries.


Caring for your Senecio

Pot: Senecio is well suited to cultivation in containers. Some of the larger succulent species of Senecio are also well suited to a protected spot in the rockery in frost free areas.

Soil: The plants prefer a well-drained soil, a mixture of soil with some organic matter or composted bark mix will do.

Light: Most species of Senecio prefer growing in sunny positions, with many only showing their true colours when grown in full sun.

Water: Senecio does well with weekly watering in summer and can be reduced in winter.

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