Poellnitzia rubriflora (Seed grown)


Glaucus grey Astroloba-like leaves

Unique secund red flowers

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Poellnitzia rubriflora

Worcester - Robertson Karoo

A very interesting and unusual plant species, resembling Astroloba but with red flowers that are more Aloe and Gasteria-like, but with an unusual floral tube that is constricted at the mouth.

Plant Size: Plants about 5 to 6 cm high.


About Poellnitzia

Poellnitzia rubriflora has a limited distribution range and is only known from the Worcester-Robertson Karoo of the Western Cape Province. Superficially the plants are very similar to those of Astroloba but are very different in leaf texture and in floral morphology. Even though considered a species of Astroloba (A. rubriflora) by some authors, it is rather distinct and is treated separate, as a monotypic genus.

Rubriflora 2012 8

Caring for your Poellnitzia

Pot: Poelntzia is best suited to cultivation in containers.

Soil: The plants prefer a well-drained soil, a mixture of sandy soil with some organic matter.

Light: The brighter the light the more colourful and compact your plant will be. However Poellnitzia can also tolerate shadier positions.

Water: Let your plants soil dry out for a few days between watering. Rather underwater than over-water to avoid root-loss.

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