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Peperomia asperula


Peruvian succulent Peperomia

Interesting windowed leaves

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Peperomia asperula

Origin: Peru, South America

A subtropical succulent perennial that originates from Peru. The leaves have interesting windowed areas on the upper surfaces and the lower leaf surfaces are rough, the texture reminiscent to a gecko. The plants grow to about 20 cm tall.

Plant size: Well established plants, about 15 cm high are offered.

About Peperomia

Peperomia, or commonly known as "Radiator Plants", is a very large genus of about a 100o species of mostly easy-growing perennial plants. The plants vary from small epiphytic plants to larger shrubby plants. Even though most species of Peperomia has succulence, not all species are xerophytic. It is a widespread genus found in the America's with a few species known from Africa and also in South Africa. The highly succulent species are mostly known from Peru. The variability in the genus presents an array of plant forms, sizes, leaf shapes, colours and textures. This spectrum of features makes them excellent plants for container gardening and some make the perfect indoor plant.

Caring for your Peperomia

Pot: Most species of the Peperomia species are best suited to cultivation in containers. Some of the highly tropical species can be mounted on mossy pieces of wood.

Soil: The plants prefer a growing medium rich in organic matter.

Light: The succulent types of Peperomia prefers growing in sunny or bright conditions. Some species will needed to protected from direct sunlight, especially in areas with low humidity.

Water: The succulent Peperomia species originates from sub-tropical regions and would prefer weekly watering, reduced in winter.

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