Ledebouria socialis


Unusual mini Silver Squill

Clustering miniature bulb

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Ledebouria socialis minor

Eastern Cape Province, South Africa

Very unusual miniature form of the well known Ledebouria socialis. The plants are much smaller in size, fewer leaved and the leaves are more succulent.

It is a slower growing but worthwhile species to grow forming beautiful specimen plants.

Plant Size: Mature plants, bulbs about 1,5 cm in diameter.


About Ledebouria

Ledebouria is a genus of extremely variable bulbous plants in the Hyacinth family. They are prized for their usually, beautifully spotted leaves. There are several species that are known mostly from Summer rainfall areas of Southern Africa. There many species found in South Africa, but several species also extend northwards into the rest of Africa.


Caring for your Ledebouria

Pot: Ledebouria is well suited to pot culture. A smaller pot is ideal.

Soil: The plants prefer a well-drained sandy soil with some organic matter.

Light: The plants prefer to grow in bright light conditions

Water: Even though this species is drought hardy, they enjoy weekly watering or every second week, reduced at the coldest times of the year.

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