Kalanchoe tomentosa "Gold"


Golden Panda Plant

Velvety golden-brown leaves

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Kalanchoe tomentosa "Gold"


A beautiful selected cultivar of the popular Kalanchoe tomentosa, better known as the Panda Plant.

The plants have velvety, golden-brown leaves with brown to black markings on the edges.

Plant size: Well established plants, about 8 cm in diameter are offered.


About Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe is a large genus of easy-growing succulent plants, ranging from small compact plants to large tree-like shrubs. The leaves vary from smooth and shiny to being covered in hairs. The species in South African is commonly referred to as "Plakkies" in Afrikaans. It is a widespread genus, found in South Africa, northwards in Africa and with several species in Madagascar.

The variability in the genus presents an array of plant forms, sizes, leaf shapes, colours and textures. This spectrum of features makes them excellent plants for container gardening, the rockery or used in larger landscapes. There are some species of Kalanchoe with an invasive and weedy habit and these should be avoided.


Caring for your Kalanchoe

Pot: Kalanchoe plants does very well in containers or in the garden in frost-free areas.

Soil: The plants are very willing and can adapt to most spoils.

Light: The brighter the light the more colourful and compact your plant will be. Although some Kalanchoes can grow indoors, bright or direct sunlight is required for optimal growth.

Water: The plants prefer watering every week or two, but well established plants can tolerate prolonged droughts.

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