Echeveria pulidonis - Red Edge


Lovely red-edged green roses

Easy growing plant

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Echeveria pulidonis Red Edge

Origin: Mexico

Normally grey leaved, this lovely form of Echeveria pulidonis has glossy green leaves with a red margin towards the tip.Lovely pot and garden plant.

Plant size: Well established plants, about 10 cm in diameter are offered.

About Echeveria

Echeveria is a small genus of easy-growing, flowering succulent plants, ranging from small compact plants to larger species with a stemmed habit. There is an array of leaf colour, shapes and sizes making them very attractive plants. It is a widespread genus, but mainly found in Mexico (also found in Central America and South America).

Caring for your Echeveria

Pot: Rock Roses do very well in containers or in the garden. They can be used in the garden, rockeries or also in container displays.

Soil: The plants are very willing and can adapt to most spoils, a well drained growing medium with organic matter works best.

Light: The brighter the light the more colourful your plant will be. Although Rock Roses will grow  indoors, they prefer bright light conditions.

Water: Rock Roses can be drought tolerant when well established, but they will grow their best with weekly watering or every second week, depending on your conditions.

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