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Anacampseros psina


Unusual rare species

Miniature and tuberous

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Anacampseros psina

Origin: JVT 349, South of Loeriesfontein, Northern Cape Province, South Africa.

This species is restricted to a small area in the Northern Cape Province. It is a very unusual species, it is very small in size with a swollen underground tuber, a few light green leaves with golden hairs at the base.

Plant size: Small but flowering sized plants are offered.

About Anacampseros

Anacampseros is a genus of mainly tufted leaf and root succulents in the family Anacampserotaceae. The genus is mainly found in South Africa and extending into Namibia. They produce lovely white to pink flowers that are known to open in the afternoons.

Caring for your Anancampseros

Pot: Anacampseros does well as container plants or can be planted in sheltered positions of the rockery.

Soil: The plants are very willing and can adapt to many spoils, but prefers a well drained sandy medium

Light: The brighter the light the more compact your plant will be.

Water: The plants prefer watering every week or two, but well established plants can tolerate periods of drought.

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