Agave victoria-reginae "Himesanoyuki"


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Agave victoria-reginae "Himesanoyuki"

Known as the Royal Agave or Queen Victoria Agave, it is probably one of the most attractive species of Agave. It is a small-growing species with beautiful white patterning on the dark green leaf surfaces. The plants have a generally rounded compact habit and forms very striking feature plants.

This very slow-growing cultivar, "Himesanoyuki" is said to have come from Japan and is a truly unique miniature form of this species. Its maximum size is about 20 cm in diameter.

Plant size: Well established plants, about 8 cm in diameter are offered.


About Agave

Agave is a large new-world genus with more than 250 species known from the Americas. They are commonly known as Century Plants, as it was believed these plants flower once in a century.

The plants take many years to reach maturity but produces very tall many-flowered inflorescences. They are known as monocarpic plants, a term used for plants that dies back after its flowering cycle is complete, this is due a large amount of energy that is transferred into the development of the large inflorescences and the fact that the inflorescences are borne terminally, terminating the growing points of the plants. The plant reproduce by offsetting, seed or small plantlets that develops on the spent inflorescences.

Many Agave species are grown as crops or for their uses, most commonly know is Agave sisalana (from which sisal is derived, used for making rope and various other materials) and Agave tequilana (from which the Tequila is made).


Caring for your Agave

Pot: Agave species and varieties are well suited to containers, some form exceptional feature plants. Growing them in containers will also limit the growth of the otherwise very large growing varieties. Planted out in the garden the plants thrive and will grow faster in a shorter space of time.

Soil: The plants are willing and adapt to various soils types, however it is important that a well drained soil is used.

Light: The brighter the light the more colourful and compact your plant. Agave's prefer bright or sunny positions.

Water: Despite being able to survive severe droughts, the plants grow happily with a weekly watering.

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