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Haworthiopsis Magazine

The Succulent Society of South Africa recently published a special edition of its journalIt offers a complete treatise on the genus Haworthiopsis authored by Sean Gildenhuys, one of the owners of Kambroo PlantsThe genus was recently established, when the Section Hexangulares in the genus Haworthia was placed in the genus HaworthiopsisThese plants have never before been treated as extensively, all taxa are illustrated with high quality photographs, mostly taken by the authorIn addition there are three colour reproductions of exquisite paintings by the well known botanical artist, Gerhard Marx. It is a soft cover booklet in A4 format with 80 full colour pages. The name of the journal is ALOE, it deals mainly with the alooid genera such as Aloe, Haworthia and Gasteria.

​We would like to recommend this very strongly to our customers interested in the Haworthia group of plants. It can be ordered from us at US$20 per copy, airmail postage included. Please send us your postal address and payment details when you order.

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