Euphorbia genoudiana


Peculiar green flowering species

Species from Madagascar

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Euphorbia genoudiana

Mahafaly region, south western Madagascar

A very peculiar flowering species. It is a small growing plant with thorny stems and linear green leaves. Most fascinating about this plant is the flowers and inflorescenses, small green flowers arranged in two rows of four in a row.

Euphorbia genoudiana is part of the Euphorbia milii comlex, known as the Christ Thorns, a group of Euphorbia species that is endemic to the island of Madagascar.

Plant size: Well established plants, about 10 to 12 cm high are offered.


About Euphorbia

Euphorbia is a large genus of relatively easy-growing succulent stemmed plants, ranging from tiny little plants to large tree-like species. The species in South African is commonly referred to as "Naboom and noors" in Afrikaans. It is a widespread genus, known from the Americas, Asia, Africa and Madagascar. The greater concentration of succulent species is known from Africa and Madagascar.

The variability in the genus presents an array of plant forms, sizes, leaf shapes, colours and textures. This spectrum of features makes them excellent plants for container gardening, the rockery or used in larger landscapes.

Care should be taken when handling or cutting Euphorbia species, especially the species from southern Africa. All Euphorbia species produces a milky latex which could burn the skin or cause damage to the eyes.


Caring for your Christ Thorn Euphorbias

Pot: In frost free area the Christ thorn euphorbias do well in a sunny position in the garden. They are best kept in containers in areas where cold winter are experienced.

Soil: The plants are very willing and can adapt to most spoils.

Light: Christ Thorn's do their best in in bright or sunny areas, the plants grow in shadier positions but for best flowers they are best grown in the sun.

Water: Despite being very drought hardy, Christ Thorn's grows well and watered weekly.

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