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Crassula muscosa Variegated


Variegated Watch Chain / Princess Pine

Lovely coloured thin leafy stems

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Crassula muscosa Variegated

(Syn: C. lycopodioides & C. pseudolycopodioides)

Origin: South Africa

Known as the Variegated Watch Chain, Princess Pine or Clubmoss Crassula. An unusual species with fine and soft leafy stems. The word "muscosa" is derived from Latin, meaning "Mossy", referring to the fine mossy nature of this species. This variegated from has beautiful pinkish white leaves. The variegated form Crassula muscosa is much slower growing species than the green form and is a beautiful collectors item.

Plant size: Strong clusters of a few stems, about 10 cm cm high are offered.

About Crassula

Crassula is a large genus of easy-growing succulent plants, ranging from small compact plants to large tree-like shrubs. The species in South African is commonly referred to as "Plakkies" in Afrikaans. It is a widespread genus, found mainly in South Africa, but also northwards in Africa and in Madagascar. The variability in the genus presents an array of plant forms, sizes, leaf shapes, colours and textures. This spectrum of features makes them excellent plants for container gardening, the rockery or used in larger landscapes.

Caring for your Crassula

Pot: Crassulas do very well in containers or in the garden. The smaller species are best suited to containers, whereas the larger growing species does well in the garden or rockery.

Soil: The plants are very willing and can adapt to most soils as long as it is well drained.

Light: The brighter the light the more colourful and compact your plants will be.

Water: Most Crassulas enjoy weekly watering or every second week, depending on the species and the growing conditions. When well established the plants are very drought hardy.

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