Mammillaria camptotricha


Brain cactus


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Mammillaria elongata "Cristata"

Mammillaria elongata is known from Mexico

The Brain cactus is a very unusual and bizarre looking plant. Due to its crested nature of sinuous, convoluted growth, it resembles the human brain and is highly sought after by collectors for its striking form. Given the space your brain will just keep growing and getting larger.


About Mammillaria

Mammillaria is a large genus in the Cactus family with more than 200 species. They are mainly found in Mexico, but some species are known from the southwest United States, the Caribbean, Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala and Honduras.

The plants may either be rounded or columnar in shape, the plant bodies are covered with many, normally shortish spines. The spines of the Mammillaria, originate in the upper part of the areoles. The spines are separated into two types, the radial and the central spines, this feature may be very attractive in some species.


Caring for your Cactus

Pot: Most smaller cactus species from drier regions are best suited to cultivation in containers. Larger growing species can be grown outside in the rockery. A ceramic bowl compliments the Brain cactus and gives it the space needed to grow.

Soil: The plants prefer a well-drained soil, a mixture of sandy soil with some organic matter.

Light: The brighter the light the more compact and colourful your cactus will be. Most cacti species prefer growing in sunny positions, however they can tolerate partial shade if not over-watered.

Water: Cacti are very hardy plants and are able to withstand prolonged droughts. A good watering every week or two should suffice.


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