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Cyrtanthus obliquus


The Giant Cyrtanthus

Origin: Eastern Cape, South Africa

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Cyrtanthus obliquus

Origin: Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.

A very attractive evergreen South African bulbous plant. Cyrtanthus species are normally grown for their attractive flowers, however C. obliquus has the largest funnel shaped flowers in the genus as well as attractive broad grey-green slightly twisted leaves. The pendulous flowers are large, thick lobed, orange in colour and green towards the tips. It is aptly named the Giant Cyrtanthus, for being the largest growing species in the genus.

Plant Size: Strong, 4 year old seed-grown plants are offered

About Cyrtanthus

Cyrtanthus is a genus in the Amaryllis family with several species from Summer and Winter rainfall areas from Southern Africa. They are mainly found in South Africa, but some species are known or extends into Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe to Kenya.

Caring for your Cyrtanthus

Pot: Cyrtanthus obliquus is well suited to pot culture. The plants prefer a larger pot as the bulbs grows quite large and also has a mass of thick roots. The plants can also be grown outside in frost-free areas.

Soil: The plants prefer a well-drained sandy soil with some organic matter.

Light: The plants naturally grows exposed in grassland, so the plants prefers to be grown in sunny conditions.

Water: Even though this species is drought hardy, they flourish with weekly watering or every second week, reduced at the coldest times of the year.

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