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Cryptostephanus vansonii


Unusual genus

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Cryptostephanus vansonii

Origin: Vumba, Chimanimani Mountain, Zimbabwe.

This beautiful, rare and unusual plant that is rarely seen offered in the trade. The plants are evergreen and produces umbels of white to light pink flowers in summer.

Plant Size: Strong, near flowering size, seed-grown plants are offered

Cryptostepahnus Vansonii Fruit

Cryptostephanus vansonii fruit

About Scadoxus

Cryptostephanus is an African genus of plants in the Amaryllis family. There are about three species known from Kenya, Tanzania, Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Namibia. It is simi9lar in appearance to Clivia with almost Tulbaghia-like flowers. With clivia it shares the characters of thick, fleshy roots, strap-like leaves, and fruit in the form of a berry, but with a brown seed.

Caring for your Cryptostephanus

Cryptostephanus has a very similar growth habit and requirements to that of Clivia and can be grown in the same conditions.

Pot: Cryptostephanus is well suited to pot culture or can also be planted in the shady garden of summer rainfall areas.

Soil: The plants prefer a well-drained medium rich in organic matter.

Light: The plants naturally grows in forests and prefers shade.

Water: The plants flourish with weekly watering or every second week, reduced at the coldest times of the year.

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