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Astroloba robusta #2221


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Astroloba robusta

Origin: #2221, West of Klipplaat, Eastern Cape Province.

Astrolobas are very slow growing plants. A. robusta is a large growing species with lime to bright green coloured leaves, the margins are often white and bony when mature.

Plant size: Variable seed-grown plants about 5 to 6 cm high are offered.

About Astroloba

Astroloba is a small sized genus of South African plants, they are found in the Eastern and Western Cape provinces. They are leaf succulents, forming leafy stems and tends to grow in clusters. They are closely related to Tulista.

Caring for your Astroloba

Pot: Astroloba is well suited to cultivation in containers.

Soil: The plants prefer a well-drained soil, a mixture of sandy soil with some organic matter.

Light: The brighter the light the more colourful and compact your plant will be. Astroloba are very hardy plants well adapted to harsh sunny and drier conditions.

Water: Plants can be watered every week or two depending on the drainage and pot size.

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